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Do you have a tasting room?
Yes! We have an air conditioned tasting room that includes seats at the bar, two 20ft farmhouse style tables with benches, sofas for relaxing, & a 16ft shuffleboard table.

What forms of payment do you except?
Cold hard cash along with Credit and Debit Cards. We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express logo, Apple Pay & Android Pay. NO CHECKS

Gift Cards?
Yes, we do offer gift cards.

Do you have parking/bike parking?
We have a small parking lot on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Broad Street. At the main entrance there is a bike rack that holds 6-8 bikes.

Do you serve food?
We do not have a kitchen but we do offer POP! Popcorn and Landjäeger as beer snacks. We also have delivery menus from local businesses, a rotating schedule of food trucks, and pop-up kitchens. If all else fails, just bring something in.

What is Landjäeger?
Translation: “Land Hunter”
Landjäeger is a German semi-dried sausage. A salami snack stick! Pork and beef fermented, smoked and dry cured that is shelf stable and the perfect on the go snack.

Do you filter your beer?
No, but in most of our beer we currently use a fining agent which is not present in the final beer and is vegan friendly. If we ever feel that we are not reaching the level of clarity desired, we will certainly purchase a filter. We like pretty beer.

What type of beers do you make?
All sorts. Light in color and body all the way to heavy and dark as night. We brew IPAs, English ales, lagers, wild beers, tart beers & barrel aged ales. We make beer we like to drink and we feel we’re pretty adventurous but in the end it’s up to you to help us decide.

How many beers do you have on tap?
We usually have between 8-16 house made beers on tap. There are a few beers that we try to keep on at all time such as our IPA or Kristallweizen but our selection rotates. Check out the homepage for current tasting room selection.

What does ABV and IBU mean?
ABV – Alcohol By Volume
IBU – International Bittering Units

Are you kid friendly?
Yes! Check out our sweet ½ pint t-shirts when you stop by the tasting room.

Are you dog friendly?
We are a family friendly business and this includes your furry family members. We do allow well behaved dogs in the tasting room as long as they are kept on a leash at all times.

Do you take reservations?
We will take reservations for SMALL parties. Once the group reaches a certain size it becomes necessary to treat the gathering as a private event.

Do you do private events?
We host all kinds of private events. Please fill out the contact form with PRIVATE EVENT in the subject line and some brief details about your event. Private events are subject to terms and availability.